Overthinking a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Posted on 11/25/2022 in misc

Sally is in kindergarten yet she has a romantic interest in Linus?

That was the first Friendsgiving.

Why are so many parents okay with their kids ditching Thanksgiving dinner to go hang out with friends?

Snoopy is a kind of a dick to Woodstock.

Woodstock can't jump through the stationary bike wheel, but can jump through it rotating at a speed that would allow the spokes to slice him in half?

About 4% of the cartoon is dedicated to a sentient, violent lawn chair. What's up with that?

Nobody notices that Snoopy is mocking them with all the salutes.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, would ever trust a beagle with food.

Why does the Brown family own 10 toasters?

What happened to all the toasters? They are back to one with Woodstock manning it.

Snoopy is a dick, and a gun enthusiast with bad gun safety habits. He's a Republican, isn't he?

Snoopy's doghouse is a TARDIS - larger on the inside.

When they sit down there are 4 chairs on Franklin's side of the table. Seconds later as Linus leads the prayer three of the chairs are gone.

My son and I are trying to talk my wife into doing the Charlie Brown menu next year.

What exactly is Snoopy doing with a knife and fork? He's eating toast and popcorn.

Charlie Brown should have told Peppermint Patty to GTFO.

Peppermint Patty never does apologize.

The phone dial only has six digits on it.

So Snoopy had a turkey in the oven the entire time he was serving popcorn and toast to the kids?

Woodstock is eating roast bird. Nobody expects cannibalism in a kid's show.

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