Butch Walker Gets It

Posted on 07/19/2002 in misc

Famous James insisted that all his readers check out the new Butch Walker CD, so I did. The CD rocks (surprise 1), sort of a Blink 182 / Sum 41 vibe with songwriting aimed at listeners that are actually beyond the age of consent. He actually wrote music for SR-71 so I guess the sound is not a surprise. Give a listen, it's good stuff. I bought the CD from his online store, which shipped two hours later (surprise 2). Today I get another email from his domain, thanking me for buying his CD, and giving me a link to a MP3 of a song that did not make it onto the CD (surprise 3). The "bonus" song has hit written all over it, I can't even imagine why it wasn't included on the final cut of the CD. I love it when I find really cool music because of a link on a web site of some person I've never met. Actually, that is how I find most of my new music now.

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