Blue Cross is trying to kill my wife

Posted on 05/03/2007 in misc

CVS called this morning and told Michelle that BCBS called to question the insulin prescription that they approved yesterday.

This is the conversation that ensued with the pharmacy dept.

BCBS: We need to verify that you really need insulin. Michelle: Uh, yes I do. BSBS: Why? Michelle: Because I'm diabetic and I have an insulin pump that doesn't work so well without insulin in it. BCBS: So why aren't you buying syringes? Michelle: I just told you , I have a pump. BCBS: But you still would need syringes. Michelle: The pump takes special syringes that don't come from the pharmacy. BCBS: OK, I think that'll be ok with the pharmacist. We'll let you know.

Think it'll be ok? Some clown 3000 miles away who obviously doesn't know the first thing about diabetes is making the decision on whether or not insulin is medically necessary for my wife. The enrollment forms for BCBS required me to detail every frackin Tylenol we've ever taken in our entire lives. It's not like they don't know she's diabetic.

Sometimes I think it's not the school system turning the country into a bunch of socialists, it's the health insurance system. Many days, it's really difficult to imagine how govt health insurance could be worse.

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