Aldi Advent Beer Box

Posted on 01/02/2022 in misc

Back on December 1 I got an early Christmas present, the Aldi beer advent calendar. Photos of every bottle with tasting notes are at

Overall, I think 2 of the beers were beers I would not drink again, 2 or 3 were beers I would seek out because they were really good, and the rest were for the most part competent examples of their respective styles, but not necessarily particularly exciting.

Although I guess if you factor in buying a six pack of any of these beers at Aldi prices, a good IPA, or Stout, or whatever for $6.99 a six pack becomes something to be a little bit excited about.

Between keeping up with the tastings for the advent calendar and being on vacation for a week in December, I drank at least one beer 24 straight days in December. That is not something I need to repeat anytime soon. I doubt I was ever legally intoxicated during December as most days it was 1 or 2 beers, elevated to 3-4 some days on vacation. If nothing else, that is a lot of excess calories in a month when most of us are already consuming excess calories.

So I'll be starting 2022 with more treadmill, less beer.

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