2022 Advent Calendar of Tea

Posted on 12/18/2022 in misc

Last year my wife got me a beer advent calendar. I finished them all on time, but it turns out drinking 24 days in a row, even if it is just one beer, is not something I really care to do anymore.

This year, I came downstairs the morning of December 1 to a tea advent calendar from Adiago Teas. I sound old just typing that, but then again, I am old.

So here are my tasting notes, updated periodically until we are done.

Cranberry tea - black tea with cranberries and raspberry leaves. Pleasant fruity tastes - pretty much delivers exactly what you would expect.

Candy apple tea - Much like cranberry tea above, delivers exactly what you would expect.

Citrus green - A green tea with lemon and lime flavor. A nice combination.

Chocolate truffle tea - A black tea with cocoa, chicory, dark chocolate and blue cornflowers. I really enjoyed this one.

Honeybush banana nut - The flavoring ingredients are apples, cinnamon, and cocoa. It wasn't a bad cuppa, but no hint of banana in it all to my palette.

Earl Grey- I've had Adiago Earl Grey before. It's obviously a classic flavor, and one they nailed.

Foxtrot - An herbal tea with chamomile and peppermint. It's not an unusual combination, and this is executed fine but it's not anything special.

Irish Breakfast - It's one of my go to teas from adiago.

Wuyi Oolong - This was a fabulous tea, maybe my favorite in the calendar. Top 2 or 3 for sure. It had an earthy aroma that reminded me of a long walk in a damp forest.

Jasmine Pearls - Another fabulous tea. A sweet, strongly floral flavor with a strong jasmine aroma.

Fruit Sangria- A really tasty and fun herbal tea that goes down nicely at night when you don't caffeine. Strongly fruity flavors, as you would assume by the name.

Chestnut tea - I wasn't super excited about this one, but it surprised me. The strong nutty flavor balances the dryness of the tea perfectly.

Peach Rooibos - Kind of hard to screw up a fruit oolong. This has long been a go-to nighttime tea for me.

Masala chai - Ginger and cloves - tastes like Christmas! Not something I would drink everyday, but tasty as a change of pace.

Green popcorn - A swing and a miss in my book. The popped rice nuttiness overwhelms the green tea base.

Pumpkin spice tea - Look, this pumpkin spice madness needs to end! I wanted to just skip this one but my wife insisted I need to be a completist about this. All I tasted was the ginger and cloves - not a hint of pumpkin flavor.

Gingerbread tea- So how many teas can we create by combining black tea, ginger, and cinnamon?

Blueberry White - I drank this less than a week ago, and remember absolutely nothing about it. I guess that by itself is a review, and not a great one.

Oolong Goddess - A pleasant cuppa, not sure it lives up the hype though.

Peppermint Tea - It's kind of hard to screw up adding peppermint to black tea. It's tasty,

Fiery Cinnamon - Not sure I'd use the adjective fiery, but adding some cinnamon to black tea produces an enjoyable cup of tea.

Vanilla Rooibos A tea I've had many times. It's in my go-to list for a caffeine free cuppa before bed.

Candy Cane Tea - Hey, what if we added crushed candy cane to tea? You get peppermint tea, but not as good.

I'm counting 23 teas, so I apparently missed a write up. Oh well. You get the quality control you pay for, and since this is costing you nothing...

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