A Get Well Coconut

Posted on 10/08/2008 in misc


When Michelle's grandmother passed away this summer we got this. It's a get well coconut that we apparently sent to Michelle's dad from our wedding / honeymoon in HI in 1991. He was recovering from surgery at the time and was staying with Michelle's grandmother. And by "sent" I mean we wrote his address on the other side of the coconut in black marker, stuck stamps on the coconut, and mailed it to Arkansas. I'll never bitch about the postal service again... Somehow, I doubt that would work today.

Now if we could just remember doing this. Neither one of us has any memory of ever mailing a coconut to her father. Michelle's comment was that we had to have been very drunk when we did this. That is certainly a possibility. This was our honeymoon after all.

In other news, a dried out coconut is good for at least 17 years.

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