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Don't Put Me In Coach

Posted on 03/15/2015 in misc • Tagged with Books, Sports

Don’t Put Me In Coach by Mark Titus

If Mark could shoot like he could write he might have seen more than 40 odd minutes of playing time over …

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It's Just A Game Guys

Posted on 12/23/2014 in misc • Tagged with Purdue, Sports, Basketball, Football

Yeah, Purdue's major sports teams are struggling. It's not the end of the world.

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Spring Training Thoughts

Posted on 02/04/2012 in misc • Tagged with Sports, Baseball

Pic from Red-Sox vs Nats

I exited the office early today and took in a couple of hours of sun and baseball with the Red Sox and Nationals. The Red Sox won, not that it …

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Winning and losing in youth sports

Posted on 04/24/2007 in misc • Tagged with Parenting, Sports

Have fun, and get better after every practice and game are the only goals youth sports teams need

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Bobby Knight is bad stuff

Posted on 01/01/2002 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Sports, Purdue

Catchy roots rock record

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