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Give Me Spring Break or give me death

Posted on 05/20/2004 in misc • Tagged with Parenting, Education, Homeschooling, Fredericksburg

Local parents in uproar over possible cut back of Spring Break

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Don't homeschool beer and alcohol use

Posted on 05/05/2004 in misc • Tagged with Parenting

Does parental supervised drinking now limit binge drinking later?

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Quotes from today's baseball game

Posted on 09/21/2003 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Parenting

Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed

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It is a kids game

Posted on 08/06/2003 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Parenting

How not to coach a Little League team

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Madison Avenue is out to get me

Posted on 06/15/2003 in misc • Tagged with Books, Parenting, Homeschooling

The ad men are targeting your kid

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