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Dobie Mountain Hike

Posted on 11/03/2019 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Virginia

With a forecast of 59 F and blue skies on Saturday there was no way I was sitting around the house all day. It was a crisp 35 F when I started on the trail at 10:15 AM.

Selfie on Appalachian Trail

Overlook to the east about a mile into the hike. There …

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Richmond Liberty Trail

Posted on 12/29/2018 in misc • Tagged with Richmond, Virginia, Hikes, History

The Richmond Liberty Trail is Richmond's attempt to be like Boston with its Freedom Trail. I don't think Richmond is putting as much effort into their trail as Boston, and it shows.

The history along the six mile walk is certainly compelling, but we are locals and were hiking with …

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Turk Mountain Hike

Posted on 08/12/2018 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Virginia

Turk Mountain Hike

My wife is not (or has not been) a hiker. However, a couple of weeks ago she expressed interest in going on a hike. So I consulted Duck Duck Go looking for a suitable beginner hike with a decent payoff at the end.

I'd say that view is a decent …

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AT-Beahms Gap to Marys Rock

Posted on 09/04/2017 in misc • Tagged with Hikes

Shenandoah National Park

I spent Labor Day laboring on the trail. I'm kidding of course. A bad day on the trail still beats a good day at work. Nothing at Hiking Upward was grabbing my fancy, so I created my own hike. I started at the Beahm's Gap overlook just north of the …

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Jones Run - Doyles River Hike

Posted on 08/27/2017 in misc • Tagged with Hikes

Shenandoah National Park

A late August weekend that feels more like early October drew me to the mountains today. I did the Jones Run - Doyles River hike, which leads past two waterfalls.

The hike starts at the Browns Gap parking area in Shenandoah National Park. I started south on the Appalachian Trail, and …

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AT: Pinnacle Picnic Area to Mary's Rock Hike

Posted on 07/19/2017 in misc • Tagged with Hikes

Mary's Rock

This is a nice 7 mile out and back on the AT, with really nice views to the west at several points along the way, and the spectacular 270 degree view at Mary’s Rock as your reward at the turnaround point.

I did this this hike on Saturday July …

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Lewis Peak Hike and Camping Trip

Posted on 06/11/2017 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Travel, Camping

Lewis Peak 1

I talked my wife into camping with me this weekend. This is a big deal because the last time she agreed to camp was 1999. That trip was a bit of a fiasco as we weathered the worse thunderstorm I've ever camped in, and we had a 5 year old …

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Dickey Ridge Hike

Posted on 04/09/2017 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Fredericksburg, Hikes

Dickey Ridge View

It was another glorious weekend, so another opportunity to get out and do something outdoors. I have new hiking shoes courtesy of Santa, so today seemed seemed like a good today to give them a test run with a relatively easy 5.3 mile hike starting and ending at the …

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3 Waterfalls

Posted on 04/11/2015 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Travel, Virginia

60 and sunny in Shenandoah National Park? I'm there. Given all the recent rain I figured today would be a good day to visit waterfalls. I was correct. This was the trail I did.

I was on the trail by 9 AM. It was a little chilly at first, but …

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Hoover Camp hike in Shenandoah National Park

Posted on 09/28/2014 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, SNP, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Hike report on the Hoover Camp trail

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Buck Hollow to Mary's Rock Hike

Posted on 09/01/2013 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Fredericksburg

A challenging hike in SNP

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Bear Church Rock hike

Posted on 08/24/2013 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Fredericksburg, Virginia

A nice little hike only 80 minutes from home

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Posted on 05/27/2013 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Camping over Memorial Day weekend

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Black Friday on Old Rag

Posted on 11/25/2011 in misc • Tagged with Family, Virginia, Travel, Hikes

Black Friday with a different kind of crowd

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