Ron Keel Life On The Streets

Posted on 01/25/2016 in misc

Even Keel: Life On The Streets of Rock and Roll by Ron Keel

It's not the worst rock and roll autobiography that I've read. Ron never really got over the hump to the big time, but it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. A lot of the stereotypical elements are here, dropped out of high school, sex, booze, drugs, multiple marriages, etc. Every time Ron mentioned somebody that he worked with he told us how successful that person was later on. It was annoying and felt like Keel was a little insecure, which he shouldn't be. He set out at age 17 to make a living in rock and roll, and he did it. There is no shame there, even if he never had a platinum record. It's not The Dirt from Motley Crue, but if you are a 80s metal fan you'll probably enjoy this book.

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