Galax VA weekend

Posted on 08/04/2019 in misc

10 things I could have tweeted this weekend, if I had had Internet or 4G service in the Galax VA area.

1- The T-Mobile website lies about coverage in the Galax area. There is none - no voice, no data, nothing.

2- I just scrolled through 500 channels on DirectTV and settled on The Andy Griffith Show. This is why we don't have cable at home.

3- The Session IPA and Pils at Creek Bottom Brewing are quite tasty. And I love their sense of humor sneaking a Michelob product into the draft list.

Creek Bottom Menu

4- I never get tired of these mountain views.

View of Blue Ridge Parkway

5- Just spent an hour in Sparta NC so I can check it off the visited list.

6- Damn, we were close to Mt. Airy NC. We could of visited Mayberry! We should come back next year and stay in Mt. Airy.

7- "No cell, no Internet, no problem weekend" is a more creative title for this post, but it sucks from an SEO perspective.

8- I did not know there was a beer festival in Galax this weekend. I tried the Sweetwater 420 Mango Kush. They nailed the nose - it smells strongly of pot. Unfortunately, they also nailed the taste. It tastes like what you would get if you decided to lick your bud, instead of smoke it.

Galax beer festival

9- At the Blue Ridge Music Center I learned that the banjo is not an American musical instrument. It needs to be added to the long list of things we appropriated from African culture. It's prominence in the horribly racist Minstrel fad caused black musicians to abandon the instrument and take up guitar instead.

10- 2 nights of hanging out in the hot tub is fun, but I can't imagine owning one of these things. It would get old quickly.

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