Forever More

Posted on 10/11/2008 in misc

I've had the new Tesla record on repeat play since I downloaded it from Amazon on Thursday. Tesla has always been one of my favorite bands, and Forever More certainly does not disappoint. In fact, it may be one of their best records ever.

It's exactly what you would expect from a Tesla record, a mix of power ballads and rockers with a lot of changes from acoustic to rocking out. I check out just about every new album from 80's rock bands, and rarely buy because I always decide I can just put Pyromania or Back in Black on if I want to hear "that" again. Even though this sounds like what you would expect from Tesla, it doesn't sound dated or retro at all. You can't go into the archives to Bust a Nut or Psychotic Supper to hear "this." It's old school Tesla, without sounded old.

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