Drinking 'Round Ireland

Posted on 05/22/2014 in misc

Over the long commute home this week I read Pint-Sized Ireland: In Search of the Perfect Guinness. The plot is not complicated. Guy and the girl-he-doesn't-know-he-will-somebody-marry visit Ireland and spend a week hitchhiking clockwise around the country, in search of the Perfect Pint. Previously I had read Round Ireland With a Fridge,which is the story of a guy who makes a drunken bet that he can hitch around Ireland with a fridge in tow, then has to pay up. My first drinking round Ireland book was McCarthy's Bar, in which a British writer ambles aimlessly from pub to pub, while taking really good notes. It was in this book that I learned one of the immutable laws of the universe.

Never pass a bar with your name on it.

Pint-Sized Ireland added a new law - The perfect pint of Guinness is the one in your hand.

If you've read this far you can probably see where this is going. I really want to spend a week aimlessly wandering Ireland, taking in the sights, and as many pubs as I can possibly fit into the week. However, I may be a little too old to hitch and camp out in hostels. I'm thinking rental car and decent hotels. My wife has already made her opinion of this plan clear to me.

So who wants to join me?

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