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My first professional site

Posted on 01/13/2020 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Earlier this week a long time Internet friend posted that she had found her old Hypermart site. Hypermart was "Geocities for businesses." I knew the three founders from my first Internet job. They started the site with one server and in less than a year (IIRC) they had sold it …

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I like Charleston

Posted on 01/01/2020 in misc • Tagged with Travel

Selfie in Charleston

We got a head start on our planned 2020 tour of beachy areas we might move to in 2021 by spending a few days of Christmas break in Charleston SC - the first trip there for either of us. Won’t be the last trip there for sure, and Charleston has …

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Happy Holidays 2019

Posted on 12/24/2019 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or if you aren't celebrating anything in particular this week, happy Tuesday! BTW, this is blog post 54 for the year, so I averaged an update a week, and I didn't need a "post everyday in December" stunt this year to do it!

We aren't camping …

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Barbarian Days

Posted on 12/23/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books

Barbarian Days

About 30 pages into this book, I had a brief thought that I didn’t care that the book won a Pulitzer, there was no way I was reading 400+ pages about surfing.

I finished the book. Surfing is the star of probably 90% of the pages in the book …

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South of Broad

Posted on 12/17/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books

South of Broad book cover

Set in 1969 and 1989, South of Broad is essentially a love letter to Charleston. It's a sweeping story of a set of unlikely friends that meet in high school in 1969 and are still friends in 1989, although given the asshole factor in some of these characters you certainly …

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The Revenge of Analog

Posted on 12/06/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books

The Revenge of Analog book cover

In The Revenge of Analog author David Sax surveys a variety of businesses that were supposed to be dead by now.

  • Vinyl records? Sales are growing. They aren’t going to become a major force in music distribution, but it’s a significant niche with real businesses creating real jobs …

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