3 people in 153 days

Posted on 08/11/2020 in misc


We've been social distancing for 153 days. In that time I have spent more than 5 minutes within 6-feet of my wife, my son, and my dentist. That's it for up close and personal interaction, although I guess the dentist counts as two people due to the hygienist also involved in the appointment.

I don't have any deep meaningful thoughts on that. We've been to the beach three times this summer, and we've been camping four times. I don't seem to be suffering due to the lack of human contact. In fact, we are actually having a pretty damn good summer with all the camping and beach time. We aren't even close to being done either. We plan to keep camping regularly at least through the end of October. In fact, I've got two week-long camping trips planned. One down the Blue Ridge Parkway with Michelle and one to hike TN Civil War battlefields with my personal historian.

I hope you are finding ways to make the best of our bad situation.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

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