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Dickey Ridge Hike

Posted on 04/09/2017 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Fredericksburg, Hikes

Dickey Ridge View

It was another glorious weekend, so another opportunity to get out and do something outdoors. I have new hiking shoes courtesy of Santa, so today seemed seemed like a good today to give them a test run with a relatively easy 5.3 mile hike starting and ending at the ...

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Herd Immunity From Criticism

Posted on 04/08/2017 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Education, Finance

Cherry Blossoms

Last week I finished reading Ahead of the Curve, Inside the Baseball Revolution, which is a book about the dramatic changes in evaluating baseball talent in the last decade or so. Don't worry, this isn't a nerdy baseball article, although I suspect many of you would be perfectly ...

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Daytrip to Solomons Island, MD

Posted on 04/02/2017 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Fredericksburg

Solomons Bridge

With a 65 degree, blue sky day and nothing pressing to do at home, I decided it was a good day to get out and explore. Perusing Google Maps and a few Day trips from DC articles that Google delivered, I decided on Solomons Island, MD as the day's ...

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Favorite Albums For Every Year of My Life

Posted on 03/27/2017 in misc • Tagged with Music

Pile of Albums

My imaginary Internet friend Michele posted a list of her favorite albums from every year of her life to Facebook. I thought that it was a great idea and decided to spend a couple of hours earlier this week doing my list. Six hours spread over a few nights later ...

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My First Memories of Music

Posted on 03/25/2017 in misc • Tagged with Music

Do You Feel Lucky

While I was working on my epic favorite album of every year I've been alive post I started thinking about my first memories of music. So as something to discuss until I post the album list next week, here is what I remember.

The first song of any type ...

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What If Your Little Sister was a Psychopath?

Posted on 03/19/2017 in misc • Tagged with Books

My Sister Rosa Cover

17 year old atheist, homeschooler, and Australian Che Taylor just got relocated to NYC (by way of Asia) by his hippie pacifist parents. He's a boxer that isn't allowed to spar, a 17-year old boy desperately in need of a girlfriend, and he'd really rather be back ...

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